Elly is back!

Curvy wedding florist Elly Jordan has had quite a year. First, she had to design her ex-husband’s wedding to the mistress who split them up, and then she broke up with the hottest musician this side of St. Louis. Three months have passed since then, and now Elly is primed for what promises to be the best wedding season of her life.

Helped by her loyal friends, Elly is on the verge of opening a chic flower boutique uptown when BlissBride, a popular wedding reality show, asks her to design the wedding of a famous—make that infamous–celebrity. Elly is about to get everything she’s ever wanted, when a stranger shows up at her store with a request that changes every aspect of her life–including her budding relationship with deli owner Keith. As she struggles to stay calm in the midst of growing chaos, Elly will learn the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

Filled with the heart, humor, and horticulture that made Elly in Bloom a bestseller, Elly in Love welcomes readers back to Elly’s big, beautiful, and messy life.

“Elly is someone you can’t help but love. For all her quirks, there’s something about her that tugs at your heart and you want to root for her until she gets the happy-ever-after she so deserves! I can’t wait to read more.” - Steena Holmes, bestselling author of The Memory Child and Stillwater Rising

“Elly is so endearing that you can’t help falling in love with her. I thoroughly enjoyed being on her journey as she dealt with love, loyalty, friendship and following her dreams. Elly in Love is a delightful story and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this character!” – Susie Orman Schnall, author of On Grace

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Elly in Love is Finally Here!

  • July 31st, 2014

Today is the day!! Finally, Elly in Love is here and available for purchase! You can buy it here:



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