Ranunculus Adventures

January Book Club: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Do you like our fancy mug that we gave away at our meeting? I found it at the thrift store. Last weekend, a group of friends gathered at P.F Chang’s to discuss “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” by Lisa See. It was suggested by Kath, one of our new members, and, in this readers mind – and pretty much everyone elses – the book was almost flawless. My review

Holy Movie Reviews Batman! Featuring The Way, Way Back, Blackfish and more…
So, last week I sort of had this nervous breakdown where I was feeling out of the loop in pop culture and decided to go on a Redbox binge, which ended up costing me 26.00 for two movies since I forgot that I had them in my purse.This is why we can’t have nice things.It had been so long since we had seen a new release, and Ryan and I used to be on top of that. We aren’t people that watch every movie ever, but we are people who,
A Disastrous Baby Photo Shoot
Every time Karen and I get together, we want to take pictures of our little ones together, because they are just so blessedly linked. They also think the other one is really interesting, but never at the same time. Karen and I have talked about how we should greet each other like the babies, which consists of holding our hand really closely in front of the other’s face and just…..staying like that.This weekend, Karen came to stay the night and we put our babies in some cute pj’s and attempted a photo shoot with these baby besties.
Revealing the Queen of Hearts Cover
After almost a year of waiting, I’m so proud and blessed to be able to share the cover of The Queen of Hearts Saga, Volume One: The Crown.The more I look at the cover, the more it takes my breath away. I was lucky enough to see the creation of it step by step, which was incredibly interesting. (On a side note, one of my goals for the year is to take a graphic design class – I find it fascinating, and I’ve been thinking about it for awhile.)
Just Kidding, I LOVE Twitter
So, after a strongly worded email from my (seriously very kind) publisher…I have had a brilliant, mind-blowing epiphany:It turns out – I LOVE Twitter! I love everything about it! I can be hilarious in 140 characters, who can’t? I can’t wait to tweet about toast and movies and who wore the best dress at the Golden Globes. I will tweet recipes, blogs, hilarious anecdotes recalling fond past-times at the lake, shots of daiquiris that I drink, book promotions, writer quotes, selfies with duckface, anything and everything, I WILL tweet!I don’t know what I was talking about!

When Writing Begets Magic
It happened last night, in the middle of a long day of writing, editing and brain-storming. Mason, ny writing buddy and all-around-genius-friend and I had hunkered down for a five hour session of hammering out the problems in our respected novels. How amazing is God, that when one writing partner moved to North Carolina, he arranged for another to enter my life through a mutual friend, and somehow, we are very well-matched, despite the fact that I am pretty much made of all feelings, and he is a tech-y sci-fi writer? Seriously, it’s such a perfect working relationship that
The Bucket List Item # 1: Participate in A Political Campaign
I’ve thought a long time about posting a bucket list on this blog. I’ve seen it done, and I love reading it, but the thought of it was always daunting. What if new items came up? Would I have to post the entire thing again? Would I start over?How would I know that I got every single bucket list item?What if I missed one? Would I have to start from the beginning?What order should they be in? Possible to impossible? By importance? Cost? Emotional impact?Basically, the more I thought about it, the more I felt like Abed when dissecting Nicholas Cage.
The Highlights of 2013 – The Moment Edition
Everyone is doing their 2013 recaps, so I wanted to jump on that “already-happened” bandwagon before it was too late. My year was spent with big moments, moments that took my breath away, moments that are permanently etched into my memories, as fine as cut glass. And so, it seems appropriate for my list to be made of moments. Now, little moments with LittleM could take up this entire list, but the for sake of interesting reading, we won’t do that.Not today in anyways…Here are the best moments of my 2013.1. Meeting LittleM for the first time: Well
Protecting our Baby from Technology
We’re new parents. VERY new parents, and so it feels almost false to convey anything that remotely resembles parenting advice. But I love parenting blogs, and I would love to contribute now and then to share our struggles and our wins and our questions like “Why did no one tell me that dried sweet potato is the crustiest THING EVER?”And one thing, that I can’t believe we are ALREADY struggling about this, is how we protect our child from an over-abundance of technology. (Another thing I’ve already seen: how making your own parenting decisions for your own child pisses.