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We are a premium distance education platform that offers education in all kinds of educational fields.

Distance Education Basically For

Being safe during the COVID 19 Pandemic and to receive maximum knowledge in your preferred field in the comfort of your own home.



We are well-versed in academic teachings and our teachers are professionals in the field.



Our lessons are embedded with many technological activities that help our students get a good grasp on their subjects.



With distance learning, we also teach a range of adult subjects to our adult learners.

"Our platform is for everyone who seeks to expand their intellectual horizon by going through many of our online courses available."

Donna Hunt

Advantages of Distance Learning

So why should you go ahead with distance learning programmes?

Study From Anywhere

You can have classes anywhere where there is a stable internet connection, with your laptop of course.

Lower Costs

You are only paying for access to education. All other amenities are with you. Therefore, you will find lower costs for all our classes compared to standard institutions.

Flexibility Of Time

DO not worry about your schedule, as Our courses are flexible and can be made to work around your timings.

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No Commuting

Keep your bus money back in your pocket, as all learning will happen through an online portal, and you needn’t go anywhere.

Online Studies

Get access to top quality teachers and academics and learn from an assortment of courses that is available to you.

Learn While Working

Learn while you work, as you can support yourself in a full-time or part time role while still learning more.

Positive Reviews
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Correspondence Education

Having trouble with your internet? Fret not, as we can provide you with adequate learning material through your mail and in return, grade, critique, and analyse your work.

What Clients Say

I absolutely loved learning through this new format. I was comfortable and was receiving amazing knowledge from my professors.
Connie Betts
Distance learning works! I have learnt so much just by using my laptop and listening to my teachers
Guadalupe Soto
I absolutely loved every minute of learning through Collen Oakes! It was extremely memorable, and the lessons stay with me.
Anna Goetz

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